About Us



Passtech history begins in 1987, it has been the first high level machine toolsdealer to operate through a wholly-owned subsidiary in Saudi Arabia.

Overmach history begins in 1817, nearly 200 years ago with the companycreated by Salvatore Marchelli. OVERMACH was then founded in 1978 thanksto a strategic development decision.
Today OVERMACH Group is specialised in the sale of CNC machine tools formetal working, both new and second-hand, along with before and after-salesservice all over the Italian territory throught Italy. And with the acquisition ofPasstech, OVERMACH Group extends its reach to serve machine tool customersthroughout the GCC region with the same commitment to through-life supportand excellence.

40 employees in Passtech Middle East
195 employees in Overmach Group
130 specialised technicians
85 salesmen on territory
4 Overmach offices in Italy(Modena, Vicenza, Torino and Milano)
3 Passtech offices around the world(UAE, Saudi and UK)
212 mil US $ turnover in 2015
60.000 sqm area
5.000 sqm only for second hand machines
20.000 sqm office and warehouse
50.000 spare parts in the warehouse
16.000 installed machine tools around the world
11.000 installed Doosan machine tools around the world