Ever since its foundation in 1952, ONA Electro-erosion became a pioneer in the development of EDM technologies. As a result, the company is:

  • The oldest EDM machines manufacturer in the world.
  • The second largest European manufacturer of EDM machines.
  • The world leader in large & customized EDM machines.

ONA is located in the Basque Country, the heart of the machine-tool industry in Spain. Still located in Durango, the site of its foundation, are to be found its head office, its principal factory, its R&D facilities, and its technical assistance centre.
Training, technical assistance and maintenance for the customer are given priority No 1 by ONA.

At ONA we seek to create partnerships with our clients, while upholding the highest values of behaviour with respect to people and nature.
As a result of ONA’s many years of investment in research seeking a cleaner manufacturing process, today we are in a position to offer the most costeffective, most environment-friendly solutions to be found in the field of EDM.
The philosophy of ONA is based on collaboration with the customer. We want to know precisely what his problems and objectives are. We can then offer him professional solutions most suited to his particular case. This commitment to offering customized solutions has led ONA to become the world leading manufacturer of large & customized EDM machines.