Periodic Calibration

Passtech can now offer you periodic calibration of all makes of machine tools using our Renishaw Laser Head XL 80 and Ballbar QC20-W equipment’s.

The advantage of this service we now offer is because, in order to remove errors in a machine positioning system, by specifying compensation values for each machine axis, you must first be able to measure the small differences between an intended position of a moving part and its actual position at various points along an axis. This can be achieved by moving a machine axis to a series of step target positions whilst using a laser to measure the accuracy and repeatability of these target moves.

Our fully Renishaw trained staff and our calibrated laser equipment has been incorporated into our service department for this purpose and we can check your machine’s accuracy and report on its condition along with our solution to rectify any axis that has moved out of the manufacture’s tolerance.

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