GEHRING - Advanced Honing Technology

GEHRING globally operating machine tool company in the area of honing technology.
Since 1926, the most important technical impetuses, which have made honing what it is today - a globally sought after high performance process, have come from GEHRING.
There is hardly anyone in the entire metal working industry who wants to go without the performance GEHRING offer. This is GEHRING recognition and daily incentive.

For over 85 years, Gehring has been a world-wide leader in honing technology. GEHRING offer the full package, from the single abrasive stone, the hone tool, to the fully automatic honing machine. GEHRING employee’s goal is to offer customers throughout the world a suitable solution for their requirements. Whether in the automotive industry, or manufacturers of hydraulic or pneumatic systems for the air and space industry, Gehring is always the first choice.
Trust in the technology leader with many years’ experience and global presence!
Innovative technology, combined with an economical mindset sets us apart.

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