Founded in 1992 as the successor to the Ferranti Metrology Group, International Metrology Systems Ltd (IMS) is the leader in Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) technology. The Ferranti Metrology Group invented the first CMM technology in 1959 and established a global presence with over 6,000 installations around the world. Today, IMS continues this proud tradition as an industry innovator, charting new developments in CMM technology and serving customers throughout the manufacturing sector worldwide.

A few of IMS’ renowned leading edge innovations include: Impact Machine (The first and fastest all-aluminium structure CMM); M9 and OnMotion CNC Motion Controller (The first 16 bit and 32 bit transputer-based motion controllers; VIP Multi-Sensor Probe (A fully integrated contact and non-contact combined multi-sensor); Umpire Machine (The world’s first shop floor-based Coordinate Measuring Gage (CMG)); Virtual DMIS Software (The world’s first and still the best Iconized DMIS & CAD-based innovative measurement software); Premier Machine (The world’s first and one-and-only fully carbon fiber-based CMM superstructure); MI series Machines (A state of the art optical/multi-sensor MI series machine that makes even the “Mission Impossible” possible!); and Minerva (The first carbon fiber incorporating high accuracy horizontal arm machine at affordable pricing)

IMS worldwide headquarters is located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Our facility is dedicated to research and development in high precision CMM mechanical structures, leading-edge motion control technology, and highly advanced special software applications. IMS headquarters also serves as the CMM manufacturing base for our European customers.

In October 2006, IMS officially opened a purpose-built, state of the art manufacturing facility in South Korea. With an area of 35,000 sq ft, the Korea facility is dedicated to manufacturing machines of the highest quality and workmanship. Both manufacturing plants are geared up to produce in excess of 300 machines per year.

For the ongoing developments of its world-renowned Virtual DMIS software, IMS has a team of dedicated metrology software specialists strategically located in Europe, America and Asia.

To serve our customers around the globe, IMS is fully supported by a team of highly trained and experienced distributors and agents over 50 countries. In turn, IMS provides comprehensive assistance to our distributors and agents from our offices and subsidiaries in the UK, Korea, USA and China. Driven by a Passion for Perfection, IMS is dedicated to honoring our heritage as the innovator of CMMs and pioneering new developments in cutting-edge metrology technology. The first and still the best, our commitment to superior technology is only matched by our determination for total customer delight.

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