Continuously provide our customers with the optimal solution
for new industrial realities, that is the goal of the TCI.
We offer our engineering and experience in order to increase
your efficiency and productivity. We manufacture high quality waterjet
cutting machines and laser cutting machines with the latest technology.
Complete solutions that meet all our customers'
needs and maximize their profits and competitiveness.

Advantages high pressure waterjet cutting machine

  • The water jet cutting temperature is low, thus preventing thermal alteration and residual tension in the material
  • Waterjet cutting is versatile, suitable for all material types and thicknesses, including painted materials
  • High pressure waterjet cutting machines are clean and do not generate damage to the atmosphere
  • The cut surface does not split, crack or fold
  • Minimal shrinkage of materials and optimal benefit from the prime material
  • Waterjet cutting eliminates subsequent finishing processes
  • Possibility to realize different types of cutting simultaneously, such as waterjet cutting and plasma cutting
Advantages laser cutting machine
  • Laser cutting machines are the best choice for high precision cutting of low to medium thickness sheeting
  • Perfect for complex geometrical cutting and for small apertures
  • Perfectly square-cut edges using laser cutting machinery
  • Easily automated
  • Small kerf (0.1-0.4 mm)
  • Laser cutting machines offer high speed cutting for fine sheeting
  • Possibility of choosing between two types of laser, either CO2 laser cutting or fibre laser cutting
Advantages HD plasma cutting machine
  • The HD Plasma cutting machines cut all electrically conductive material
  • Ideal for cutting high grade steels and mid to high thickness high grade aluminium
  • HD Plasma cutting suitable for cutting mild steels up to 30mm thick
  • High cutting speed
  • Low thermal generation during the HD Plasma cutting process
  • HD Plasma underwater cutting allows cutting with minimal deformation and reduction of noise in the workplace
  • Possibility to realize different types of cutting simultaneously, such as water jet cutting and plasma cutting