Filtermist Eliminate oil mist, oil smoke, welding fume and dust.

UK manufacturer, Filtermist International Ltd, have over 40 years experience in providing oil mist extraction systems around the world.
Modern enclosed machines are now running with faster speeds and feeds which has led to the development of high volume coolant delivery systems. Coolant is applied to a fast spinning component(s) which atomises the coolant and increases the volume of mist in the machine tool. The latest generation of Filtermist units and accessories have been developed to cope with these demanding applications.
Filtermist has worked alongside government research institutes and global machine manufacturers to develop the most well-known and well-used oil mist extraction system in the world.
Filtermist is an industry standard from aerospace to medical and automotive to food processing.
Units are available in mild steel and stainless steel with dozens of installation accessories to create bespoke solutions for almost any type of oil mist problem.
With over 200,000 units in daily use, Filtermist is backed up by an extensive spares and support network, with 35 distributors covering over 60 countries.

World-leading Oil Mist Filters
Developed through 40 years of global experience and the expertise of internationally recognized centres of engineering excellence, Filtermist provides the most advanced and effective system available for the removal of oil mist.

The Filtermist System
Energy efficient
Oil mist removed at source
Multiple mounting options
Low cost maintenance
Recognised market leader
Quiet operation and high performance