Innovative Tooling Solutions (ITS) specialises in the manufacture of highly efficient controlled boring bars and contouring heads which are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. The tools are used to carry out a wide variety of complex precision machining operations from a single tooling set-up. Using an advanced internal mechanism actuated by the CNC controls of the machine tool, the radial movement of the cutters during the machining operation can be controlled precisely. This makes it possible to cope with multiple diameter changes as well as complex geometries such as tapers, radii, chamfers, profiles and threading in a single set-up. This can save considerable time in tool changes and secondary changes thereby significantly increasing productivity.

→ Wide product range to suit a wide variety of applications
→ Precise but rugged, heavy duty design ensures long product life
→ The accuracy, repeatability and consistency of the system allows the full potential of CNC machine tools to be fully utilised
→ This combined with the tool's high degree of automation and the reduction in set up times, leads to increased productivity.
→ Ideal for forward, back and intermittent boring and for roughing, semi-finishing and high precision finishing.
→ Through spindle coolant delivered to the cutting area.
→ The system's flexibility accommodates most new designs or design changes by rewriting the tool programmes rather than buying additional tooling.
→ Modular design and construction enables increased flexibility and a high degree of customisation.
→ Adaptation styles ensure ease and consistency of set up and machine tool interchangeability